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Interview reprinted with permission from Celebrity Pets Zine

Ok, Hi Drama! Just to start things off in a real general sense, you've conquered the music thing, why enter into the pod cast realm?

Well, we were originally pitching a reality show and the producers took meetings and you know how long things take in Hollywood…so I thought that because there were no cameras, there were a lot of funny incidents going on in the band that people were missing.  So many insane things were happening in my life and everyone kept telling me ‘your life should be a TV show.’  So, since I can’t be a TV show, and I wanted to share some of these experiences with the fans, we decided to reenact them in podcast form.


This storyline is absolutely insane! So is the pod cast inspired by actual events? You know, like those shows on court TV?

Absolutely, all the podcasts are unfortunately based on actual events.


Really? So does that mean the Dollyrots really are, dare I say, evil?

Ha-ha no.  Actually, Kelly has been a good friend to Tabbie and I for a while now.  Kelly is actually one of the nicest people in rock n roll.


Ok that sounds a little less threatening. We've met the Dollyrots, but I've noticed on your website you cats have A LOT of friends! Can we expect to see a cameo from Terri Nunn (Berlin) or maybe even Meg Cabot sometime in the near future?

Wow.  You know too much!  Yes, in the near future we may be hearing from Terri and we are giving away a signed Meg Cabot book every podcast to the person that answers the trivia question correctly.  Look at www.switchbladekitten.com (the official podcast website) for details on that.


Why can't Pep just have some fries every once in a while? I love Fries, and I think if anyone denied me such salty goodness I'd be a little bummed out too. Seriously, can't you guys give him a break?

Actually, something happens to Pep when he eats fries…I am not a liberty to discuss it.


On a more serious note (see that's a pun), With all the action the podcast has to offer it would seem being in a band is pretty hard work. What would you say is the hardest part of being in a band?

The hardest part of being in a band is staying together, as a band.  Sometimes one person will not like the direction something is going so they will try to hold up the works.  But you are only as strong as your weakest link, and really a band is not a democracy because if that were the case NOTHING would get done.

The other hardest part is changing into a tutu in a compact car.


Can we expect to hear a lot of original Switchblade Kittens music in the podcast itself? Or are the CD's and podcasts separate?

Yes, there will be a full Switchblade Kitten’s song in each podcast.


Awesome! So, do you think we could hear some unreleased tracks?

Of course, I know for sure that the St. Patricks day episode has a track that is unreleased and probably will be “podcast only”.  I think there will be a few “podcast only” tracks and new versions of older songs included in future episodes.


Cool! That sounds great. So any last words you’d like to leave our readers with?

Go to university and don't get pregnant. My mum told me that.


Thanks Drama I can’t wait to see...I mean LISTEN to the new episodes!