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When Pleather was just a toddler, he could be found sitting in front of his stereo with headphones on, memorizing every detail of the music he was listening to. By the time he was 7, he was one of the foremost authorities on the history of rock and roll and could play several instruments. He started his performing career playing covers with a group of female musician friends. This was the start of a wild ride in the oft-times nightmarish world of show-business, for not only is he an authority on the work of female musicians, he is also the world's foremost male groupie! (Details to be revealed in Pamela Des Barres new book.)
After several years of helping talented females, Pleather ran into Drama backstage while looking for Terri Nunn. Within 5 minutes, they were chatting up a storm, Pleather was opening things for Drama (water bottles especially), which instantly began his new job as the unofficial 6th Kitten.